Table Etiquette

Experience unique tailor-made table etiquette tours with AAV.

If ever you felt uncomfortable in a professional dinner wondering when to sit down or which fork to use, then AAV’s private initiation to French entertaining and table manners is just the solution!

Treat yourself to a privileged initiation to French entertaining and protocol (the universal standard for diplomacy for centuries) with a private class in the elegant home of a Parisian aristocrat who has educated generations in the history of French cooking and table manners.  In an entertaining and informative way, she explains how the French place their guests at table, when they sit down and start to eat, how they hold their knife and fork, how they tactfully refuse food and wine, and what they consider to be polite conversation.

At AAV, we can arrange for a personal invitation for a private candlelit dinner in an historic family castle where you can practice your table manners in good company!

Popular Location:London & Paris