Experience unique tailor-made gourmet tours with AAV.

“Do we eat to live or live to eat?”

French and Italian cuisine have been elevated over the centuries to such a level of refinement that they could well be considered the quintessential ‘art de vivre’.  It is at the very heart of everyday life in both France and Italy with deep cultural and philosophical resonance.

AAV organizes cooking classes, gourmet walks and culinary tours that take you into the heart of French and Italian life, its values and traditions.  Let our private chef show you how to choose the best produce in open-air markets and then learn from him the basic cooking techniques while you try your hand at the whisk under his supervision. Explore cooking shops and markets with your own expert guide or, better yet, follow in the footsteps of inimitable chefs like Julia Child to find out how French and Italian cooking can change your life.

Discover why the French and Italians celebrate food as the ultimate ‘art de vivre’!

Popular Location:London, Paris, Burgundy, Lyon, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Madrid & Barcelona