Why AAV?

The Academie des Arts de Vivre (AAV) is dedicated to making your trip to Europe memorable, and even life transforming, through authentic experiences and privileged access. Our tailor-made travel experiences offer you a broad range of opportunities to intimately discover Europe.

Tailor-made Tours

AAV is a receptive Tour Operator licensed to create customized trip packages for individuals and small groups in Europe. AAV’s full service tours include your travel plan, hotel accommodations, transportation, guides and activities.

Our tour collections are designed as generic options that can be customized to your specifications and included in your travel itinerary. They range in length from half-day and weekend tours of cities to two-week trips throughout Europe. They can be organized at any time of the year.

Bespoke Trips

Our travel packages can be tailored to your specifications, so each and every itinerary is unique – the “haute couture” of tourism!

Authentic Experiences

We offer unique experiences of the most emblematic facets of European culture with the finest certified guides to enrich your customized itinerary.

Privileged Access

Our cultural and sports experiences are enhanced with exceptional privileged access, thanks to our extensive personal contacts.


Our experiences consist of half-day or full-day programs. Our specialist guides open the doors for you to very privileged places that are generally unavailable to the tourist industry.


The Académie’s tours always include a personalized itinerary, programs with privileged access, luxury accommodations and transportation, expert bilingual guides, the assistance of our Académie Hostess, reservations and entry fees, welcome folders with maps and useful information and restaurant recommendations.

10 reasons to travel with AAV

  1. Unique Travel Experiences: Like an haute couture dress, AAV’s tours and itineraries are one-of-a kind travel experiences, designed according to your specifications to reflect your unique tastes and needs.
  2. Privileged Access: AAV holds the key to open closed doors for behind-the-scenes encounters and visits to private venues rarely accessible to the tourist industry:  family-owned mansions, country châteaux, villas or vineyards, luxury haute couture workshops, exclusive private clubs and golf courses – it’s all possible with AAV!
  3. Cultural Expertise: Our unique themes and itineraries are designed by AAV’s team with knowledge of European art and culture that is unmatched in the tourist industry. This permits AAV to offer genuine, in-depth experiences of culture and to accommodate even the most discerning travelers with intellectually stimulating programs.
  4. On-Site Knowledge: AAV offers you what it knows best: cultural tours with exclusive experiences of European cultural lifestyle.
  5. Ground Presence: AAV is based in Paris, so we personally know and regularly visit our service providers. You can count on us to be reliable “on- site” partners.
  6. Top-notch Services: AAV selects only the finest specialist guides, hotels and transportation companies available throughout Europe. We continually monitor the performance of our service providers and insist that they adhere to our “AAV Service Standards”.
  7. Confidential Luxury Suppliers: To the extent that it is possible, AAV seeks to offer its clients private venues and services (châteaux, golf courses, mountain lodges) that are strictly confidential and unknown to the tourist industry.
  8. Personal Welcome and Assistance: Because AAV is physically present in Europe, we make it a point of honor to personally welcome and look after our clients like privileged guests.  Our Académie Hostess welcomes you on your arrival and provides you with assistance and recommendations throughout your stay.
  9. Belong to the “Happy Few”: AAV caters only to individuals and small private groups.
  10. The AAV Label of Quality: As a luxury travel company, AAV scrupulously avoids mass-market tourism.  Our on-site knowledge and exclusive contacts are carefully cultivated and protected so as to ensure you a unique travel experience.

For all these reasons, you can rest assured that AAV, the European specialist in the art of luxury travel, is genuinely in a league of its own.