Frequently Asked Questions

Académie Hostess:

Our Académie Hostess welcomes our clients and assists them during their stay, much like a personal assistant. Our clients have her personal number and can contact her when they wish for advice and recommendations.


Programs and itineraries are our exclusive creations. They contain our unique privileged access, making them difficult to replicate.  They are, however, available for purchase with our partner agents.


Cultural programs and itineraries are customised, and so no two tours are alike.


Programs and itineraries may be organised at any time of the year.


AAV provides travel services to individuals and small, private groups.

Insider Access:

Programs and tours invariably offer privileged access to people and places generally unavailable to the tourist industry. Such insider access is only available as part of a planned itinerary, not on its own.


Clients come from around the world – Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.  Although English and French are AAV’s administrative languages, our guides speak a multitude of languages including Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Mandarin.


Itineraries are always customised to accommodate our client’s needs, which mean that prices are variable. To obtain a quote, please contact us.
AAV prices are always quoted “net” to our partner agents.


AAV designs tailor-made tours upon request and charges a nonrefundable “itinerary planning fee” at the time of your inquiry. It covers our time in the research and development of your trip. Depending upon the trip’s complexity and length, the lead time before your departure and your past travel history with AAV, the fee will range from 500€ to 1000€. This fee will be applied in full toward the final cost of your journey when you book it.

Specialist Guides:

We take great care to match our clients with the appropriate guides. All AAV guides are either licensed by governments to lecture in national museums or are eminent specialists in their field. Our specialist guides range from retired army generals for WWII tours to eminent antique dealers and former Cordon Bleu chefs.


Prices are always quoted with the French Valued Added Tax (VAT) included.