Guided Tours

Exceptional guides can make all the difference to your tour. You will be seeing cities, countryside and landmarks through their eyes, so their ability to communicate their knowledge in an informative and entertaining way goes a long way to ensuring a successful trip.

AAV guarantees you the finest museum guides, lecturers and specialist guides for your tours throughout Europe. They are either licensed national guides or eminent specialists for our ‘art de vivre’ programs and history tours.

We exercise great care in matching clients with the appropriate guides, taking into account their personalities, tastes, interests and expectations. Cultural groups, families with children and teenagers do not all have the same attention span or intellectual interest; some need to be entertained, while others need to be stimulated. Yet, they all need to be inspired for it to be a memorable experience!

Popular Location: Paris, Loire Valley, Normandy, French Riviera, Burgundy, London, Oxford, Bath, Edinburgh, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla